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Positive effects of treatment last for months in mid-stage trial
Physicians turn to expensive, office-based atherectomies
Treatment reduces mortality risk by 41% compared with docetaxel


Nothing is easy when it comes to the ACA, ACOs, CMS

Dr. David Nash, Dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health, talks to P&T editor Sonja Sherritze about the state of healthcare in 2015 as the Supreme Court considers a second challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and payers and providers struggle to meet the goals of their accountable care organizations (ACOs).

March 2015 interview

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Case Report
A woman received intravenous (IV) acetaminophen every six hours (16 doses) for pain control. Tests showed high levels of markers for liver damage, but levels fell after the drug was stopped—raising the possibility of hepatotoxicity linked to IV acetaminophen.
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