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February 26

Supporters and challengers clash over four words
Fixed combination treats intra-abdominal and urinary-tract infections
Findings underscore fact that health care is a business, authors say
Inflammation turns liquid mucus into elastic sludge

February 25

Scientists see promise in nelfinavir
Muscle relaxant may cause potentially fatal infections
Treatment trumps dacarbazine in late-stage trial

February 24

Caregivers’ communication skills are what matter
Agency requires confirmatory trials to verify drug’s clinical benefits
Emergency medicine pharmacist offers insights into growing addiction cycle
Simple paper strip diagnoses Ebola and other fevers within 10 minutes
No approved inhaled therapies are currently available

February 23

Multistate outbreak linked to Disney theme parks in California
Device is first to use adhesive to cut off blood supply
Treatment is being studied as once-daily add-on
Mid-stage trial compares oral and subcutaneous formulations