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P&T News

May 27

First recombinant factor VIII single-chain therapy
Manufacturing issues sink ZS-9 application
Finding may herald emergence of pan–drug-resistant bugs
Probuphine provides low-level buprenorphine for six months

May 26

Class-action complaint alleges misrepresentation, false advertising
Publication outlines implementation strategies in acute care
Approval decision expected in July
If approved, drug would be first single-dose oral therapy for BV

May 25

Implanted rods offer controlled release of buprenorphine
Monoclonal antibody targets nerve growth factor
Advisors voted 7–3 against approval, but patient advocates clamor for a cure
Xaracoll is on schedule for 2017 launch

May 24

Product offers first combination of SGLT2 inhibitor and metformin
Cell-based vaccine is successor to trivalent Flucelvax
If approved, the product would be marketed by Merck
Little is known about potential health risks