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January 28

First percutaneous single-access pump for right heart support
Commonly used drugs eradicate cancer stem cells

January 27

Half of annual payments would go to health care providers by end of 2018
Expensive treatments could test insurers’ ability to pay for them, report says
Iron compound delivered to hemodialysis patients via dialysate

January 26

Data-sharing capability allows caregivers to monitor patient’s blood sugar levels remotely
Vaccine granted ‘breakthrough therapy’ status

January 23

Opioid exposure during pregnancy increases risk of birth defects
Mid-stage data show superiority over doxorubicin
Younger population more likely to be diagnosed with advanced disease, authors say
Paper-clip-sized implant inserted in upper thigh

January 22

Patient wears small, external insulin pump
First IL-17A antagonist for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis
Scripps researchers recognize importance of molecular ‘handed-ness’
XRCC2 mutation may explain resistance to platinum-based therapy

January 21

Case could block doctors and hospitals from seeking higher rates
Reduced competition is part of the problem, expert says
Vaccine protects against 70% of cervical cancers

January 20

Drugs have to keep up with ‘genomic drift’
Novel approach may lead to next generation of better, safer anesthetic agents
Risk of relapse reduced by half compared with placebo
Common disease kills more people each day than Ebola, expert says
Experts review the good, the bad, and the doubtful

January 19

Global cost could reach $70 trillion over next decade
New formulation improves on once-monthly Invega Sustenna
NIH study finds most older people use alcohol-interactive medications
Mid-stage data support treatment’s immunostimulatory mechanism of action
Polymer nanoparticles release targeted drug molecules

January 16

Initiation of registrational studies planned for this year
Such products, defined in the guidance, do not require FDA oversight
The vaccine cuts the risk of having to visit a doctor by 23%
Federal judge approves consent decree with California firm that failed to follow regulations

January 15

Philadelphia team works with GSK to develop cure
Patients are being injected with nonsterile products
Study evaluates mesenchymal precursor cell product
Broadly neutralizing antibodies may hold the key
Treatment reduces thrombotic events in patients with heart attack history