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May 5

The sales restrictions, part of a sweeping new rule, take effect in 90 days
Problems worsened as time in the therapeutic range fell
NIH-funded team finds rapid-acting, nonaddicting agent in mouse study
Researchers have identified a vital supply route for cancer cells
Live pigs and porcine tissue were used in the procedures

May 4

Uncontrollable gambling, eating, and other behaviors linked with drug
Degradation of tip could cause fracture or separation
Lilly’s investigational drug previously received other FDA designations
New study finds they can live nearly as long as the general population
Johns Hopkins physicians advocate for changes in how deaths are reported

May 3

New Company Will Build Upon Strength of Current Therapies for Hemophilia A and B
New CDC data show large percentage of antibiotics misused in outpatient settings
NEI-funded study of bevacizumab and ranibizumab examines their effects at five years
Better prevention, care will help cut more infections, said researchers from Penn Medicine and Johns Hopkins

May 2

Allergan’s rosuvastatin calcium joins a $6.5 billion market
Subcutaneous nonopioid relieves pain with less toxicity and abuse potential
First and only FDA-approved drug for Parkinson-associated hallucinations and delusions
Registry will provide long-term safety and effectiveness data
Possible link to long wait times for VA care