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December 19

Researchers find tobacco-specific nitrosamines
Risk reduced by 97% in subjects 50 years of age and older
But MARIANNE trial finds Kadcyla treatment options non-inferior
Drug targets women with defective BRCA genes found by new test

December 18

NIH study examines prescribing patterns
Rate of functional independence nearly twice as high with clot removal versus usual care alone
Newest fluoroquinolone to win agency’s okay
CD3 T-cell engager joins ranks of world’s most expensive cancer treatments

December 17

Defendants responsible for ‘unprecedented national tragedy,’ U.S. Attorney says
Largest hospitals will get stronger as smaller ones get weaker, analysts predict
First pathogen-reduction system for plasma approved in U.S.

December 16

Comedian Joan Rivers’ death spurs increased scrutiny
Study data show test predicts risk better in black women
Authors say ERs will need to provide wider range of health-care services
Smoking remains leading cause of preventable death and disease in U.S.

December 15

Combo treatment increases progression-free survival versus vemurafinib alone
Vaccine candidate stimulates production of neutralizing antibodies
Reform reduces incidence of preventable, hospital-acquired health problems
Peptide activates innate repair receptor, turns off inflammation

December 12

Phase III data reported at neuropsychopharmacology meeting
Capecitabine/ibandronate combo no better than ibandronate alone
Finding could lead to new testing and treatment methods
No significant improvement in progression-free survival

December 11

Bortezomib/fulvestrant shows promise in mid-stage trial
Researchers see no effect on walking pain of lumbar spinal stenosis
Expert warns of return to ‘dark ages’ of medicine

December 10

Environmental transmission can’t be discounted, researchers say
Authors identify weakness in fee-for-service medicine
Synthetic peptides inhibit bacterial growth
Investigators say they’re encouraged by the results

December 9

Declaration seen as important step in effort to develop Ebola vaccines
Mortality rate has remained steady at 30% for three decades
Authors report greater than twofold risk compared with codeine

December 8

Treatment achieves 64% complete response rate in clinical trial
Harvard scientists convert 'bad' fat to 'good' fat



From Sovaldi to Ebola: A Wide-ranging Interview with Dr. David Nash

A leading authority on population health, Dr. David Nash is optimistic about the future of disruptive innovation to improve healthcare in the U.S. The interview was conducted by P&T Editor Sonja Sherritze.