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October 21

Controversy still surrounds muscular dystrophy drug
Cost of Iclusig jumped four times this year
U.S. hospitals borrow idea from South Africa
Monoclonal antibody bests chemotherapy
ALKS 5461 is effective as adjunctive therapy

October 20

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis take double-digit jumps
First new initial treatment of STS in more than 40 years
Desmopressin nasal spray gets ‘thumbs up,’ with reservations
Device bypasses expensive ‘clean rooms’

October 19

Insoluble compound traps potassium ions
Therapy meets primary endpoint in phase 3 trial
Treatment is limited to patients with specific EGFR mutations

October 18

Funds intended for clinical studies evaluating drugs, biologics, medical devices, or medical foods
Researchers suggests stronger regulatory oversight of endocrine-disrupting chemicals
Product will cost 15% less than the current wholesale acquisition cost of Remicade
Though declining in number, they’re particularly important in underserved areas